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A Gift to Cherish

Book Summary: When Daisy Riley arrives in Refuge, Wyoming to live with her brother and his family, she intends to stay forever. A victim of violence in Los Angeles, Daisy craves stability, peace of mind, and safety. Her hope comes true when she lands a job as a personal assistant to Miss Joan Prescott, the owner of Cottonwood Acres, a historic ranch that once served as the set for a famous TV show. A retired college professor, Miss Joan has secrets and stories of her own, including a very unusual project that requires Daisy’s skills. Rafe Donovan, a cop from Cincinnati, is haunted by a recurring nightmare about the death of his high school sweetheart and his failure to save her. Because of the nightmares, Rafe takes leave from the police department and seeks psychological help. He finds shelter in Refuge, where he pounds nails for his brother’s construction business. But he has no desire to stay in Wyoming and plans to return to Ohio as soon as possible. When he finds Daisy Riley stranded late at night with a flat tire, Rafe is impressed by her courage. Daisy is equally impressed by him. Together they navigate the road to love—one complicated by the arrival of Daisy’s troubled best friend, online dating, and the impossible obstacle of 1,600 miles between her home and his. AUTHOR NOTE: This story is about our current dating culture, including the risks of online dating. It also looks at the social mores of 1970s and how those values impact us today.

About the Author: Victoria Bylin is known for tackling tough subjects with great compassion. In 2016, Together With You, a story of grace and healing, won the Inspirational Readers Choice Award for Best Contemporary Romance. Her other books, including historical westerns, have finaled in the Carol Awards, the RITAs, and RT Magazine’s Reviewers Choice Award. A native of California, she and her husband now make their home in Lexington, Kentucky. Learn more at

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My Review

WARNING: This book deals with some sensitive subjects, like rape, assault, and cheating spouses. I felt like it was handled well. I also really liked how the story flashed back to tell some of Miss Joan's story, showing how the women's lib movement have, in some ways, made women more vulnerable. This can be read as a stand alone story, since it references a lot of the major events from "When He Found Me", though I would personally recommend reading them in order, since they are both wonderful stories and then you get the full redemption story of Shane and Daisy. This is a wonderful book to pick up! I thoroughly enjoyed the plot and hope to see more books in this series just as interesting. Thank you for reading my review.