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Hey everyone! The first episode of "Chelle Reads" has been launched! I am so happy. Now, just to be clear, the short story readings will not be audiobooks. You can read along if you stopped where I stopped while reading the same book but other than that, enjoy it! I'm also thinking of making a separate YouTube ASMR channel because I want my book blog to focus mainly on books and the ASMR just distracts it all. Don't worry, I won't remove the old ASMR videos but just know that from now on, ASMR videos will be on my other channel. There will still be just some glee, but only if it's book related. At least, there'll be some fun, right? Anyway, I'll post what I need to post even if it's not book related now because some of my old videos haven't been uploaded yet but after that, it'll all be different. I'll post podcast/separate YouTube channel links here:


Hey y'all. The book badges are gone or whatever they're called. I figured to keep them to myself as a little keepsake and I rarely recieve them nowadays so it'll be better off removed. I am, happily back, to upload/review/edit more so that's great! I am thinking of starting my own podcast. I'll tell you more when I'm done deciding. Basically, there will be story readings (audiobooks?), interviews, just some glee, etc. I can't wait to have some fun!


I removed the old thumbnails because no one seemed that interested in them. I get that they're confusing but still, people! Enjoy anyways, I'm back. 🤭

I'm back, dearies! The Youtube channel's working again so there will be more recent videos. Sorry to keep you waiting, but, hey, it's done. Now, stay tuned 'cause there will be uploads. 😘

I cannot wait for this new collection coming from two new authors, like Bacon, who wrote one my favorites "Claiming T-Mo". Read my book review of that awesome sci-fi read!

Dzanc Books is putting up a lot of ebooks on sale right now! You heard me right, bookbuds. Get new books for a low price at!

I am currently reading this novel. I'm still in the middle of the book, so wait a bit!

I know this is an old photo but I am planning to redo my old book review of Claiming T-Mo using my local library's copy of this book and maybe even uploading a video on YouTube.

We are excited that the award-winning MEET ME IN THE STRANGE by Leander Watts is now in paperback. This book received lots of praise and a silver Foreword Indies Best YA Book of the Year award and for good reason. It is a retrofuturistic coming-of-age tale of two teens who run away to follow the tour of their Rock-God, Django Conn, in part to escape a dangerous situation at home. We have to say, it would make the perfect gift for that special teen in your life! -Meerkat Press

The blog tour is here! I know it is not November; I reviewed the ARC late. But, hurrah! Let's celabrate, anyway. I will be posting on YouTube (don't know when), a cover song called "Waiting" inspired by this book and a book review. Stay tuned, folks.

Meerkat Press just released these fall new releases hot off the hook! Be sure to check my book reviews on all three of these fantasy reads to catch which one "suits your fancy"!

Sorry, y'all. I won't be posting content on my YouTube channel for a few weeks. Something big happened recently involving a password change. Please just deal with that for now. I will try to get a decent work of book reviews done but I cannot assure you that it will be constant. Thanks!

OH MY GOD<0>!!!

I think this is the right font size? 144, 179, or 180? Ugh, doesn't even matter anymore.

The top trending, the top viewed. Thanks, fam!

Hey everybody! For Stuf 2, the thumbnail might look a little different. I forgot the original font size, so the title looks pretty big. Sorry! Just deal with it now. I don't know how to fix it.

I'll be updating some things on my website. There's going to be a lot of change here and @ YouTube!

Uploaded two videos today! What a day...

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The YouTube channel art is popping!

It's pretty simple, but you'll get used to it soon!

We are going to have a new blog logo soon! Be honest, people, the logo's pretty boring/tiring. Time to mix it up! The logo should be different after this post.

A new channel trailer has been uploaded. New viewers can see my blog information and the reasons why I blog/review books. A little get to know me, kind of thing! I also uploaded this month's channel art, so new and original. It's going to be there for a while, so enjoy it as you can. Thanks for supporting me, guys and gals, 8 subscribers, we outdid it! I really don't deserve the fame and love, but thank you anyways.

356 views?!?! OMG, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Hey everybody! You know how the old Subscriber Special wouldn't upload? It wasn't even about food, just ASMR on random objects. Well, turns out, it was in my drive the whole time. I just found out this week and it's a little too late to declare it a Subscriber Special. I already uploaded several ASMR Food Edition videos, and they can't be put to waste. I'll post it as ASMR Random (Old Subscriber Special) PART ONE. I don't know if there will be more parts or if it'll be a series, either way, it'll be on my ASMR Playlist. Thanks for understanding!

I uploaded several public playlists, so you can find my videos more easily. You're welcome to discover the many subjects of my videos!

These are the top 5. Way to go, people!

Another way to get to my book reviews, is to press the blog logo on top. You're welcome, fam!

I now want to give my viewers on my YouTube channel high quality content to enjoy, so, I put a message in some of my recent videos. Don't get surprised if you see it pop up. It's not a ad, don't panic!

In my most recent ASMR Food Edition (New Subscriber Special) video, PART FIVE & SIX, I said something about PART THREE & FOUR being the last parts of my Subscriber Special. I honestly don't remember if I said something like that before, sorry, it's all confusing. I know, the fault is on me. I'll fix it up soon! Either way, I don't know when the parts will end, so stay tuned.

---UPDATE 11/24/19---

I said PART FOUR was the last one @ the comments section of just some glee, my blog. LOL! Again, sorry, I don't know why I said that.

Be sure to support Meerkat Press & Dzanc Books by subscribing to their YouTube channels and liking their videos. Thank you!

Hello Earthians! Mic here, with some news. I will no longer be posting videos on just some glee. After all, you can just go to my YouTube channel to check 'em out. I won't remove the videos already posted, but know that, if you want to watch a recent book review/just some glee video, go to YouTube.

WHOOP, let's keep it going!

Dzanc Books, I am getting to the ARCs this week! I promise...

---UPDATE 11/16/19---

Hey guys and gals! The Knock Wood: a memoir in essays By Jennifer Militello is out. Be sure to read my book review and watch it on YouTube. Here's a link if you're lazy:

Sorry, Dzanc Books, for reviewing it late. I finished just in time, though! I've been quite busy with my YouTube channel affairs lately. 

michellemengsbookblog Introduction 2

A new introduction for the new months!

Subscriber Special - PART THREE & FOUR

This one's real detailed this time!

Subscriber Special - Part TWO

Hahaha, here's the second part!

Subscriber Special - Part ONE

Thanks to all who stuck with me till the end! Here's your reward.

Hey guys and gals! I just posted another book review. I'm sorry that I haven't posted in so long, I've been real busy.

Don't want to waste money on Skillshare? Well, they offer free classes too. Those classes really help me a lot!

Bleak House opens in a London shrouded by fog-a fog that swirls most densely about the Court of Chancery, where the obscure case of Jarndyce v. Jarndyce lies lost in endless litigation, slowly devouring an inheritance in legal costs. Against this ominous background, Dickens' rich tapestry of a novel weaves together the fortunes and desires of several characters whose fates are tied to the case: Ada and Richard, two young orphans who stand to inherit and wish to marry when they do; the worthy John Jarndyce, their voluntary guardian while the case is pending; and Esther Summerson, Jarndyce's protégée, whose romance is complicated by torn loyalties and whose heritage is shrouded in mystery and scandal. This darkly comic portrait of London society is often regarded as Dickens' best. READ BLEAK HOUSE WITH ME AT AUDIOBOOKS.COM - THANK YOU

My First Live Stream

12 minutes and 28 seconds of fun for you guys and gals. Enjoy!

Dzanc Books - Thank You

Dzanc Books, not Dzanc Press. I'm so sorry that I mispronounced the name in the video. It took too much effort to make, so, I couldn't just delete it. Thanks for dealing with that though. The ARCs are amazing.

Update on Subscriber Special

Thanks to y'all who have been on this journey with me. I know I'm not the smartest, perfect person you know, but I'm trying my best to make it through. Love you!

Who in the world knew you could post YouTube links here? That means I don't have to save my video everytime and upload on this blog. Saves me the time! Anyway, it's gonna be like this everytime now, folks. 😀

Good Job, everyone!

A little sneak peek at my next ASMR video. After the Subscriber Special that is. ---UPDATE 11/24/19--- This is the new Subscriber Special, I forgot to edit this! LOL.

I never knew this! Thanks to Quora for answering my question.

The file is loading now. How long? Probably 2 hours long. Sigh!

Hey guys and gals! You might have noticed that a certain video wasn't uploaded by Sunday. I'm so sorry, the video took a while to load. My computer couldn't take it anymore and then deleted the file. Guess who's gotta do it all over again? Me! 😥

I also spent a lot of time and effort on the Subscriber Special...

On social media too? Meerkat Press, THIS IS AMAZING.

That's right, y'all! I'll be joining with Meerkat Press as they launch Carpe Glitter's Blog Tour. So, in tune, it'll be my second one! Yas, guys 'nd gals.

What's this? Another Blog Tour coming soon? @Meerkat Press, whisper, whisper!

My new YouTube Channel Art uploaded just recently!


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Let's keep going!

Thanks to Meerkat Press for publishing my book review on Cat Rambo's Carpe Glitter on!

DBR: Carpe Glitter By Cat Rambo & Unwind By Neal Shusterman

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Thanks everyone!

My 2nd movie coming out next week! ---UPDATE 11/24/19--- I forgot about this entirely, I'll probably post this movie next month. I'm not even prepared!

Shards Of Light Book Launch/1st Blog Tour

Yeah, that's right! It's my first blog tour for the newest upcoming book in the Healer series, Shards Of Light By Susan Miura. As you have seen from my previous video, Stuf, aka the first ever news/updates movie! I was so excited when I got to work on it. Yes, I am a suicide survivor and I hope if anyone of my blog is expriencing suicidal issues as well to get help when you need it. That's the most important part. I have set a few videos as premieres so I hope we all watch it together! 

Watch Stuf here!

My Offical Youtube Channel

Yo bookworms! I have recently created an offical youtube channel for this blog. Expect book reveiws, tutorials, and more coming soon.

New Logo

Hey everybody! I'm sure you must have noticed something different about the logo of this website. I decided to make some changes recently! I'm sorry if I haven't posted in so long, I've been busy these few months. Anyway, I hope you like it... (It'll be there for a while!)


Here are some of my other websites that I have created. Check 'em out!